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‘Putting On The Mask‘ at Anywhere Festival.

Putting On The Mask was a moving piece of performance art. In asking the audience to sit in the discomfort of witnessing a person grieving, it also asked them to consider the ongoing impacts of losing a loved one, and the pressure to continue with life ‘as normal’ after that loss.

Backstage Brisbane

Putting On The Mask was a truly unique and weighty piece of performance art, and gave a peek into the life of a very real character, who probably has been and will be, each of us.

Theatre Haus


‘Mental Illness Is Not A Crime’ at Anywhere Festival.

Claire Fitzpatrick facilitated a calming space for sensory exploration with her interactive experience Mental Illness Is Not A Crime..I left the session feeling relaxed and refreshed, and interested to learn more about ASMR.

Backstage Brisbane

While the ASMR experiences may be personal, Fitzpatrick skillfully constructs the atmosphere to be collaborative and immersive. In nurturing the one, we are nurturing the all. The quiet brilliance of ‘Mental Illness is Not a Crime’ lies within this knowledge – it is self-directed and immersive for this exact reason.

Theatre Haus

I enjoyed that interacting with these things weren’t tasks and we did them purely for the sake of feeling. Most of the experience was self-led which gave me a sense that there was no ‘right’ way to interact with this work.

Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane


‘Mental Illness Is Not A Crime Intro’ at Vulcana Women’s Circus

‘Mental Illness Is Not A Crime Intro’ at Ruckus Brisbane


‘Let’s Get Physical With Consuela Beaverhasen’ at Ruckus Brisbane.

‘Consuela Beaverhausen’s Consuelsual-is Cook-Off’ at Ruckus Brisbane

‘Coin-Operated Girl’ at Ruckus Brisbane


‘Wishing You Were Somehow Alive Again’ with Velvet Helmet

‘Ophelia Unbound’ with Velvet Helmet

Claire Fitzpatrick presented a brand new creative work, Ophelia Unbound. Her lilting tones, strength of purpose, delicate and brutal poetry and committed dance moves bound together a dark piece about Ophelia’s doomed relationship with Hamlet and the loss of their unborn child.

Velvet Helmet Review on ‘Ophelia Unbound.’

‘Who. Is. Motown’ with Velvet Helmet