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  • Sailor’s Delight [Short Story] Tales From The Ruins Anthology. Black Beacon Books. [Upcoming publication] Science Fiction

“A genuinely moving story about the unknown.”

Review on ‘The Lighthouse’ from editor Greg Chapman.

The Lighthouse”, by Claire Fitzpatrick, is from the point of view of an unreliable character, a woman who has had multiple miscarriages and unsuccessful pregnancies and is certain the house is haunted by earlier residents” mishaps during and after pregnancy, but can’t convince her husband to leave. This was an outstanding story that did not need a supernatural element to horrify, but was enhanced by its integration into the story.

Review on ‘The Lighthouse’ fom Monster Librarian
  • Scents [Short Story] Best Of The Horror Zine 2013-2020. [First published in 2018 and republished in Metamorphosis‘ 2018] Paranormal
  • Peripatetic [Short Story] 365 Tomorrows Science Fiction
  • Vignette [Short Story] The Furious Gazelle Horror


Rose-Coloured Cream is a tale of guilt and loss and with a gut punch of a last line.

Review on ‘Rose-Coloured Cream’
  • Divine Engineer [Short Story] Stories of Survival: A Charity Anthology. Australian Speculative Fiction Science Fiction
  • A Little Faith [Short Story] Teleport Magazine. Science Fiction


I relished the historical aspect…There were other stories in the book meant to take place in a previous time period, but they missed the mark as far as creating setting, characters or dialogue that kept me there. “The Music from the Rue de l’Eglise” entrenched me in 1794 Paris.

“My personal favorites were….[and] “The Music From the Rue de l’Eglise since I loved the time period in which the story was set.”

Reviews on ‘The Music From The Rue de l’Église
  • Indigo [Novelette] Self-Published. Adapted to audio-book from Growling Grin Productions Horror

Powerful little cosmic horror novella from Australia’s body horror queen with disquieting themes of isolation and diminishing self-worth leading to suicidal tendencies. Unexpected, confronting, and poignant.

Review on ‘Indigo.’

  • Pit Of Love [Short Story] Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts Anthology. Things In The Well Horror
  • The Wallpaper [Short Story] Blind Corner Literary Magazine Horror
  • Mother [Short Story] Teleport Magazine Horror


Happy Birthday, Ebony is] gut wrenching, but told with such adept command of vivid imagery I simply had to consume and enjoy it without turning away.

Review on ‘Happy Birthday, Ebony.’

Bravery, tragedy and horror nicely combine to give us a creature story with a difference.”

Review on ‘Berberoka.’


  • Scents [Short Story] The Horror Zine Paranormal

Beautifully written, this story is like a haunting fever dream transporting you into Alison’s broken existence.”

“One of the creepiest stories I’ve read in a long time.”

Reviews on ’Scents’

Deep Sea Fishing, which concludes the collection ‘Metamorphosis’, is arguably my favourite. A nautical tale filled with restless malignant spirits, it hammers along to an unexpected but damning conclusion.

Review on ‘Deep Sea Fishing.’
  • Dragonfly [Short Story] Zombie Pirate Publishing Horror
  • The Eagle [Short Story] Disturbed Digest Fantasy
  • Humanoid [Flash Fiction] Zero Flash Science Fiction

”Claire Fitzpatrick’s combination of horror and sci fi was perfect”

Review on ‘Humanoid.’

“Fitzpatrick’s willingness in allowing readers to trample through this well-connected documentation of a personal journey is simply heroic.”

“This collection is graphic and disturbing at times. It’s also honest, and above all raw. Something that fiction could occasionally use a pinch of.

“A wickedly gruesome collection of horror shorts; some shocking, some terrifying, all highly emotionally charged. Inspired by her struggles with BPD, Fitzpatrick writes honestly and openly, and her work is both engaging and darkly beautiful.

“Wonderful carnage among the formalities and forced smiles.”

Reviews on ‘Metamorphosis’ [Collection]

  • The Town Hall [Short Story] Breach Magazine Horror
  • Scarab [Short Story] Breach Magazine Horror
  • Octopus [Short Story] Schlock! Webzine Pulp Science Fiction
  • The Jacaranda House [Short Story] Teleport Magazine Paranormal
  • Metamorphosis [Short Story] Midnight Echo Horror
  • The Dog [Short Story] Original to ‘Metamorphosis.’ Horror

“Every second of this story was uncomfortable.”

Review on ‘The Dog.’


  • Thorne House [Short Story] Things In The Well Paranormal
  • Jólakötturinn [Short Story] Things In The Well Horror
  • Hanoi [Poem] Poetry Nation Horror
  • When The Clock Fell [Micro Fiction] Zathom Magazine Horror
  • Synthetic [Short Story] Breach Zine Science Fiction Reprinted Phantaxis Magazine.

“Claire Fitzpatrick provides an unsettling touch of dysphoria as we get inside Jack’s body, literally.”

Review on ’Synthetic’

“The details about the war from the perspective of a surgical nurse was quite intriguing and powerful. I knew the ending would not and could not be a happy one as any story relating to a very real demon that came back with men and women from the war. The ending, however, was quite different than I expected and each time I thought I might know where the author would take Lydia next I was always wrong; which I enjoyed the not knowing until it happened. “

“An interesting take on the horrors of war from a female perspective. Fitzpatrick captures the era well through the narrative relationship between two young women. The Vietnam hospital scenes are visceral and bloody, but it was the unanticipated heart breaking tragedy of the ending that really slayed me.

“With a number of loose similarities to ‘Pride and Prejudice’, this was an interesting read.’

“Rich with tension, historical detail and vivid descriptions, ‘Only The Dead’ is a dramatic debut from a vibrant author.’

Reviews on ‘Only The Dead.’


  • Oranges [Two-sentence Horror Story] Friday Fears
  • I See [Poem] Make Your Mark Magazine
  • Untitled [Poem] Pressure Gauge Press
  • Flesh [Two-sentence Horror Story] Friday Fears
  • Ascension [Short Story] Deadman’s Tome
  • Eat [Short Story] Breach Magazine Horror
  • Deck The Walls [Short Story] Hell’s Bells:Stories Of Festive Fear. AHWA Horror


“Claire Fitzpatrick’s Madeline can be interpreted in a couple of ways but heck the Author puts the gore back in the horror story. Talk about your ultimate body re-arranging metaphor for the horror of growing into adulthood, the story is a hoot and a holler.”

Review on ‘Madeline.’
  • Andromeda [Long Fiction] Nebula Rift Magazine Science Fiction
  • Purple Delphiniums and Other Poems [Poetry Collection] Unknown Artists
  • The Ocean and Other Poems [Poetry Collection]
  • Untitled [Poem] Pressure Gauge Press
  • Fall On The Corpses [Poem] Dark Apostle’s Bewitching Hour
  • Do You Remember? [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • The Artist [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • Marty McFly [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • Hurricanes [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • The Artist [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • The Devil Said [FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • Souls [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • The Round Table [Poem] FIVE Poetry Magazine
  • Little Knitted Shoes [Poem] The Dirty Thirty
  • Sunrise [Poem] The Dirty Thirty



  • Rainbows [Poem] Commended in the 2002 Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards